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Help fight the spread of Covid-19

April's Donation : UNICEF CANADA

UNICEF's Global Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak Response is urgently looking for $42.3 million to scale up its response to the Covid-19 virus outbreak and support global efforts to contain it, providing critical medical supplies, and supporting children in affected outbreak areas. 

The preliminary funds will support UNICEF’s work to reduce the transmission of the virus including by strengthening risk communication and tackling misinformation so that children, pregnant women and their families know how to prevent Covid-19 spread and where to seek assistance.  UNICEF also plans to support distance learning opportunities for children who can’t access school and to provide mental health and psychosocial support to children and families affected. 

UNICEF is working closely with local Governments, World Health Organization, other United Nations and Humanitarian team partners in developing contingency plans in other regions, especially in countries with weaker health systems and limited capacity to deal with major disease outbreaks. To find out more visit canadahelps.org  

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Our Contribution

For the entire month of April, and every month until things are back to normal, Carolyn Ferreira will be teaming up with supportive charities and organisations helping fight the battle and spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

With every purchase made, CF will donate $10.00 to the cause. 

If you wish , you can solely Make a Donation to Unicef on behalf of CF by clicking Here 

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